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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is Keyword Important For Your Content Marketing?

Do you want to seek online attention for your blog? It is somewhat like setting up your online real estate business and then putting up a real great sign to attract people. People will come across your site and will set themselves in competition and you would have ever thought.

The main way by which people come across your website by searching them on the popular search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo etc. If you do not set the right keywords then it becomes impossible for the readers to find your website or anything related to it.

Even our blog WorldSEOEducation has their own set of keywords to rank well in the search engines and help our readers to find us easily.

It does not depend on the type of content marketing you do, but the keywords do matter. Keywords will help you to decide whether people will discover your YouTube videos or the website content while they search for online business.

•         Keywords Are Very Important

Before you start researching on the keywords, it is important for you to understand the two basic principles - traffic and competition.

Traffic refers to the number of people who search for particular set of keywords each day, but competition refers to other sites trying to rank well for the same set of keywords. You might think you are smart enough in choosing keywords, but often it ends up generating poor results. It is hard to make your keyword rank in the rank, as big business have firmed their position with the same set of keywords earlier than you have.

•         Long Tail Keywords: Are they like “Low-Hanging Fruit”?

You might come across some common and regular set of keywords like “social media” or “online business”, but the long tail keywords are bigger enough and somewhat it goes like this - How to improve your small business, local SEO for your online business. These keywords are easier to rank and probably people are not optimizing their sites for specific phrases. They have much lower search traffic, since you are going to rank well for any long-tail keyword you try. You will also generate same amount of traffic.

•         Search The Right Kind Of Keyword For Your Business
Researching keywords for the business website or blog, you must find keywords that work with your business and aims to hit the target audience. You can hire some reputed outsourcing companies, download software, or use some web applications to perform the research. When you look for keywords, you might adopt various strategies to set the right amount of traffic directed to your website.

•         How Will You Target The Keywords In Your Content?
People feels excite when they find some desired keywords and goes after them with full retribution. They start writing articles, incorporate keyword a dozen or more times and try for high “keyword density”. Just to make the search engine aware that they are targeting that particular phrase. However, the search engines penalize keyword stuffing.

Therefore, you must focus on one or two keywords and let synonyms, variations, come up naturally. Keywords are the integral part of your business and hence you must learn the art of choosing right set of keywords to promote your website. Keywords find your site important if you think to set your online presence. You can increase the business whether you are an offline or online by using proper set of keywords.


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