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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

3 Things You Should Avoid When Doing SEO

Many important topics of SEO on which we talk about but we cannot talk about those things that we must avoid while doing SEO. This article is about how to avoid the dangers related to SEO and how to protect your sites from negative effects. This article is not only about what you do & about how to do but which things you must avoid in SEO to make your web sites ranking.
One should remember, that the processes, which are very important to SEO, in those if you make silly or casual mistakes, then it, is going to affect your SEO marketing badly. Beside those mistakes, there are small trivia in which you have to attain perfection.
Here Are Some Things That You Need To Avoid

Duplicate Page Title, Meta Tags & Content

Duplicate Page Title - You must avoid duplicate pages title, Meta tags and web page content on your sites. Always keep unique content for your web sites, which is relevant to your page. Make sure that your web page URL is related to your sites and its give short info about your web page. If you use the URL, which does not match then Google cannot crawl your sites and will show your site as spam.

Content- Content is the king for SEO marketing, so use unique and quality content to attract links or visitors for sites and rank well on Google. That is the way you have to avoid duplicate content or spam content.

There are hundreds of blogs and comments, which are given either manually or with some software, are considered spam. Be careful of them some people on those blogs or forums assign a bad reputation for your sites. Google is cracking down on this kind of behavior with the refer of penguin update.


As we all know that backlinks are important for a web page, but if we do some mistake it can create a backlink and then we have to face a big problem. When a backlink is created to always be careful don’t allow spam backlinks in your sites. Reciprocal linking here comes to play, it is when we link our links with another webmaster or web owner link and we both link our sites with each other, it’s a very old process and now Google does not recommend it.

Google does not look into the broken links on our sites. You need to regularly check your sites and fix the broken links; it is a very easy step to do. So use a tool to check the broken link and fix them. Do not use same anchor text on links to your sites. The unnatural anchor text is the main aim of Google as per penguin update.

Don’t Sacrifice Usability for SEO

You should not be giving up the usability of your site in order to have some better rankings. Google is penalizing sites, which do not have good usability according to their penguin update. An Increase in the keyword density and keyword stuffing may help you for a short term but you must ignore it. Rather you should focus on providing a good user experience for your end user and make it an aim to make them visit your site repeatedly and make them stay for a longer time.


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